Promoting  the experiential travel market it’s the winning strategy to valorize tourism. The demand of experiential tourism linked to nature, sports, wellness, sea , mountain , local traditions is constantly growing.

Nowadays the main motivation to organize an holyday are deeply changed, and the “travel experience” is replacing the simple stay in a particular destination. Tourists organize a vacation or a weekend to live unique moments and sensations, and to satisfy their interests and passions.

The tourist is no longer content to visit a place in a detached way as if looking at an old postcard, but is always looking for new engaging experiences, to get in touch with the territory and establish a direct relationship with it.

The localities or territories no longer stimulate the tourist’s best interest, but above all the experiences to try, the stories of the inhabitants, the local typicalities, the events, the culture, the traditions, the food and wine, the itineraries, the emotions to live, etc.

Bitesp of Venice is an occasion to present the incoming and outgoing tourism and experiential travel organized to professionals interested in the commercialization.