Talk Live TV: the tourism in live streaming


With Talk Live TV, the fair becomes entertainment. The program, created with the Talk Show in live streaming, allows external connections with tour operators who present their offers through interviews, videos, promotion of the territory, with the possibility of interacting with the public, thanks to chat and info requests.

All Exhibitor Operators of the event participate in the Talk Show by connecting with our platform.
The public attends the event from the comfort of their own home or office, using their computer or smartphone, without having to move, like watching a TV program, with the ability to interact directly, via chat and info requests.

During the event, inside the digital platform, the program and the external link with the tour operators who present their offers and their territory with videos and interviews, conducted by one of our presenters, are created.

The program is broadcast in live streaming on our digital platform and at the same time is recorded, to be able to see it the following days, deferred.
Thanks to its contents, the program offers the opportunity to “relive the real experience of the holiday content” to the participating public, amplifying the potential for contact.