“Unique Experiences to Live”


Today tourism and the motivations that feed it have profoundly changed. The classic tourism destination has been joined by the experiential one, that is, tourism that allows you to live an exciting and rewarding travel experience.

The tourist organizes a holiday or a weekend to live exciting tourist experiences, with unique moments and sensations that represent the added value of the holiday.

Experiential tourism in addition to encouraging the low season and lengthening the seasonality of the tourist structure, represents a possible response to the strong competition on prices, accentuated by the comparability of tourist offers on the Internet and a more sustainable and responsible way of enhancing the territory

Offering an emotional experience that goes beyond a simple stay, is the innovative marketing strategy to attract new customers and encourage hotel employment and profitability.

For this reason, more and more hotels and tour operators are aiming at the packaging of “unique tourist experiences”, because they are the ones that pay the guest the most.

To meet the promotional needs of Experiential Tourism, Bitesp was born, a digital event dedicated to the promotion of incoming and outgoing operators in the sector.