Travel  Academy at Bitesp: the training event dedicated to tourism and hospitality. The academy is intended for hotel owners, hotel managers, managers of resorts, wellness hotels, holyday farms, residences, B&Bs, restaurants, bars, travel agents and their staff members. The trainings are also intended for associations, DMOs and public bodies that deal with tourism.

Two days dedicated to all the professionals interested in trainings and professional updating regarding the new industry trends and new commercial strategies.

The trainings will focus on central themes in the tourism and hospitality industry such as traditional and web marketing, revenue management, innovation, social media, on-line reputation, managing the human resources and the new trends in the world of hotel and restaurants.

All the courses will be taught by professional consultants with the aim of presenting new and useful idea in the tourism industry.

Travel Academy Schedule


Market development : how to keep ahead of the competition.
Brand positioning and brand identity
How to remodel an hotel or a public place
Diversify to survive

Incoming tourism marketing
Experiential Travels
Intermediation in tourism

Package tourism and disintermediation in tourism

Booking Engines software

Managing the IDS

Managements software: a vital tool for hotels and restaurants

Web presence and on-line communication

The website: usability and structure

The significance of internet from mobile.

Photo shoots and videos: how to create the storytelling

Web marketing: the performances of a web marketing campaign

Social media marketing: how to manage your presence on the social networks.

SEO and SEM activities

Online reputation

How to manage tripadvisor reviews