Meetings in videoconference between Buyers and Sellers with fixed appointments

The Online Workshop between Buyers and Sellers is a trade B2B event dedicated to business and bargaining between Hotels, Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Crals, Associations, Consortia, Tourist Resorts, Experiences Providers, etc., interested in evaluating new agreements and commercial partnerships in the field of incoming and outgoing Experiential Tourism.
The Online Workshop takes place on a digital platform and provides an agenda of fixed appointments between Buyers and Sellers.

This is a digital easy and functional platform that allows live connections, in videoconference and directly dialogues Buyers and Sellers, providing the opportunity to meet and do business, sitting comfortably at your desk and saving additional travel costs.
The Workshop will host National and International Buyers interested in evaluating new agreements and commercial partnerships with Sellers.
Thanks to the use of an advanced technological platform, the Workshop format encourages the direct and visual contact between operators, creating an ideal confidential context to evaluate future business partnerships.
Each seller can organize his participation in the Online Worshop:

  •  To fix meetings with Buyers and organise his own agenda of meetings
  • To search for and select Buyers through technical presentation sheets
  • To fix about 20 appointments per day, an appointment lasts 15 minutes
  • Networking with participants in the event